Source Code Review

Applications with business-critical information can be tested thoroughly through a source code audit. This will reveal vulnerabilities that are difficult to find in black-box or grey-box penetration tests. Therefore, when compared to automated tools, our experts can do this complicated task better.

Source code review can identify vulnerabilities in a function of your web pages. Some of vulnerabilities occur by a developer lacking secure coding knowledge or by mistakes, such as business logic, hard code sensitive data, or even developer’s backdoors. Just only penetration testing alone could not discover any additional application vulnerabilities relating to the developed code after the application do security source code review. Automated tools can be used to perform large code scan and detect some issues, but it cannot understand the context of the application, which is a critical part of security source code review for the business. For an effective source code review result, it needs to be verified by an expert every single result to determine if there is a blind spot which automated tools cannot check.

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