Cyber Security Researcher

MAYASEVEN is looking for highly skilled, curious and independent researchers to join the team!
The research gets published under, and regularly appears in academic/industry conferences, such as DEFCON, AppSec, BlackHat and RSA Conference.

  • Discover new vulnerabilities in Web Applications, Mobile, IOT devices or other fields.
  • Leading cyber security engagements and working alongside the research team members on discovering and exploiting vulnerabilities.
  • Publish research, articles, and white papers on mayaseven blog.
  • Present the research at top industrial and academic conferences (BlackHat, DEFCON, RSA, AppSec …)
  • Follow the always evolving security threat landscape and develop procedures/tools for automatic detection/exploit of vulnerabilities.
  • Improve the penetration testing methodology and cybersecurity consulting services.

Penetration Tester

MAYASEVEN is looking for penetration tester who passion for hacking!

  • Perform formal manual penetration tests on web/mobile applications, etc.
  • Perform research and development of cyber domain capabilities.
  • Source code reviews.
  • Secure software development consulting.
  • Design and create new cybersecurity tools and techniques.
  • Work on improvements for security services, including the continuous enhancement of existing methodology material and supporting assets.

Join the best team!